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I Heart Wyoming Recap

One year ago this week, we unveiled a new initiative at Element Church called the I Heart Wyoming Initiative.  Because Wyoming has over 400,000 people disconnected from the message and ministry of Jesus, we felt called to lead the way in unleashing a movement of God’s people, armed with compassion, infusing life into our neighborhoods by the only one who gives it, Jesus!

Our long term goal is to have at least one partner church in all 23 counties in the state of Wyoming, who will stand with us to serve their communities in tangible ways, being the hands and feet of Jesus. Our short term, 2017 goal, was to partner with at least 10 churches, offering a total of $100,000 to churches, to help them serve in this way.

We are so thrilled to announce that not only have we met our goal of 10 churches, but we have exceeded that goal and partnered with 13 churches in Wyoming.  So far this year, we have given away $91,000 to those 13 churches, enabling them to serve their community in their own context, helping the credibility God’s Church be elevated, expanded and reinforced in our state.

This past Sunday we showed a recap video of some of the things that have been done this year through I Heart Wyoming.  A lady leaned over to me on Sunday and asked, “All of this has been done in one year?”  She was floored that the answer was “Yes!”  Below is the video!  Praise God for all He has done!