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Episode 029: What did we learn from Simone Biles? (A conversation about mental health Part 2)

In this episode, we continue our conversation about mental health and what we can learn from the Simone Biles situation. 

In Episode 028, we focused on those who are currently facing a mental health struggle of some kind. In this episode, we focus on those who are walking with someone or know someone who is struggling. How should we respond to them?

We share a real-time story from one of our listeners who is being real, taking risks, and doing whatever it takes for them to get healthy, and God is doing some amazing things in and through them: “

My depression may not ever be taken away, but God is giving me victory in it.” 

According to Johns Hopkins University, about 26% of American adults suffer from a diagnosable mental health illness. One out of every four people you interact with is dealing with a mental health illness of some kind. 

So, how should we respond to those who are battling it? 

1. Respect how they feel

2. Give them room to heal

3. Return to them with your presence 


Where is God when it hurts? by Philip Yancey (Suicide Prevention)