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Episode 008: Get Fired Up! (An Interview With Joe Sangl)

In Episode 008 of The Naked Party Time Podcast, Jeff and Sabrina interview their friend and mentor Joe Sangl. Joe is the founder and president of I Was Broke, Now I’m Not, and he is helping people live fully funded and financially free lives all over the world.

In our opinion, Joe is the best communicator on the planet when it comes to winning with money. You can find Joe on Instagram and Facebook @ Joseph Sangl.

In this episode, Joe talks about his “I have had enough moment” financially where he decided that he would stop living in financial bondage and start living in freedom. He shares the latest mistake he’s made, what he’s currently learning financially, and he even talks about some positive financial things he’s seeing in personal finances through this COVID-19 season we are in.

You’re going to be encouraged, inspired, and FIRED UP after listening to Joe.

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Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey

I Was Broke, Now I’m Not by Joe Sangl
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