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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Chelsea Hearn 1
Hey Element Church!  This is Chelsea and her family and she is this week’s Volunteer Of The Week!
Pastor Andy said this about Chelsea:  “Chelsea serves as a Greeter Leader for our 6pm service.  Her husband Jeremy also serves with her and they do a phenomenal job.  I see Chelsea every week gathering her greeter team for prayer as they meet together before the start of service.  Chelsea is incredibly faithful and consistent, she has been a blessing to the team.”
Chelsea has been attending Element Church since her family moved to Cheyenne 4 years ago.  Her husband Jeremy serves with her, along with help from her children Maddy, Braedon and Paisley, from time to time.  She said, “The more they watch us serve, the more involved they want to be.”  She works for the State of Wyoming Department of Workforce Services in Human Resources and for NASDA as an enumerator.  Her favorite hobby is making shirts, dresses and hair bows.
When asked why she serves at Element Church she said: “The reason I serve at Element Church is because I know how difficult and uncomfortable it can be going to church for the first time.  I want to make a difference by providing a welcoming and happy introduction to our church.  I also know what it is like to look forward to seeing my favorite friends at church, which motivates me to keep going.  I love making people feel good!  But my favorite part of serving on our Greeting team, is the ability to pray for my team individually and have them pray for my family as well.  I always feel like a get extra doses of prayer, as selfish as it may seem.”
Chelsea, that is not selfish at all. That is awesome!  Thank you so much for your service to God through our church.  What you do MATTERS!