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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

sean-flanniganHey Element Church! This is Sean, and he’s this week’s Volunteer Of The Week.

Sean was nominated by our Lead Producer, Taylor, who said this: “Sean is a volunteer that ‘gets it.’ He is such a good guy with a very genuine heart for ministry. His schedule with the Air Force is crazy so sometimes getting him on the schedule is tough but even with being busy he is still willing to serve as much as he can. Sean has been willing to learn quite a bit of the ins and outs of our production elements and is a huge part of moving forward over the next few years.”

Sean has been attending Element for over a year. He proudly serves in the United States Air Force! He loves to hike, go camping, hunting, mountain biking, playing baseball and any chance to spend time in the great outdoors.  When asked why he serves at Element, Sean said, “I serve at Element because I want to be the light for people that are surrounded by darkness. I want to lead people to the light and help them find their way in Christ. Serving makes me feel so incredible. I love to see the impact I have on people and their lives.”

Sean, thank you for taking your service to God through our church so seriously!  You ARE being a light and what you do MATTERS!