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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church! Meet Angie, this week’s Volunteer Of The Week. Angie was nominated by Kristina, our Pastoral Assistant who said this: “Angie is one of the most faithful and committed volunteers I have ever seen. Angie serves in the Living Room and as a Volunteer Guide where she connects with new volunteers and helps them with their first time serving. She also has helped with photography during Baptism and the Voluntour. It is an absolute joy to have Angie on our team. I appreciate her so much! I have such respect for her for being a woman of her word and can always count on her. Angie is a light to so many around her.”

Angie has been attending Element Church for 8 years with her husband (who serves on the Safety Team) and her 3 daughters. She works for the State of Wyoming and enjoyed volunteering and taking pictures. When asked why she serves at Element, she said, “I love people and getting to serve our wonderful community is what serving is all about. It’s amazing!”

Angie, we love that you serve God through our church!  You are an amazing part of the team.  Thank you for what you do. IT MATTERS!