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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church! Meet Zechary, this week’s Volunteer of the week. Zechary was nominated by Taylor, our Lead Producer, who said, “I first met Zechary in a small group and after hearing about his desire to work with technology in some way, I knew he would be a great fit for the Production team. He has a high ability to learn new things and help me implement new ways of doing things.”

Zechary has attended Element for a little over 2 years with his wife Meghan, who serves on our Hospitality team as an Usher. He is a Banker / Loan Officer and enjoys reading and Video Games. (He is currently enrolled in a design program through a University to create games and stories for people.)

When asked why he serves here at Element Church, Zechary said, “I initially started serving because during one of Pastor Jeff’s messages he talked about serving and getting plugged into the church. I had served before in my moms church, but had fallen away from the church-attending life. When the Lord drew me back, I felt the Holy Spirit convicting me to serve. Because I’m such an introvert and because I had run the “production” department at my moms church, I volunteered for that team. I continue to serve though because even when I wake up early in the morning on Sunday, not wanting to get out of bed – I’m able to push my way up, and once I get to the church I feel happy; fulfilled that I am able to help share and lead others to The King. I also feel like part of a team, not just a group of people working together, but a family doing what they can for each other.”

Zechary, we are so happy that you are on the team. Thank you for what you do! You are helping to spread the story of Jesus to others through the production team. What you do MATTERS!