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Easter Sermon Series: Mythbusters

Pic 1On Easter Sunday, March 27th, we are going to be starting a new sermon series at Element Church called “Mythbusters.”

Just because we’ve always believed it, or just because we often say it, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. What if a common belief in the Christian faith was wrong? In this series we’re going to look at 6 untrue things many Christians (people) believe.  

Statements like, “Christians shouldn’t judge!”  “Forgiving means forgetting,”  “Everything happens for a reason,” “Faith fixes everything” and more.

Instead of just believing something because we heard it or say it, we are going to look at what the Bible has to say about these potential myths.

Special Easter Service Times:  9 AM / 11 AM / 1 PM / 6 PM  (March 27th only)

Normal services times of 9 AM / 11 AM / 6 PM starting back up on April 3rd.

Safe, fun and relevant kids programming for infants through 5th grade are available every service!