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Chilean Miners Rescued LIKE The Church (Part 2)

the 33 chilean minersWith the release of the movie “33” this week, I’m reposting some blogs I wrote in 2010, concerning the Chilean mine rescue.  I’m posing the question, “What if the Chilean mine rescue was performed like the church?”  You can read part 1 on the blog, here is part 2:

33 miners were rescued after 69 days trapped underground in darkness.  Literally LOST were it not for a rescue of epic proportions.  But what if that rescue was conducted like the church?  I know I’m making quite an indictment against the church with this, but I think we’ve often got to look at ourselves and ask some very tough questions…like the one were addressing. So what if it had been?

If the Chilean mine rescue were performed like the church, a lot of time would have been lost because the rescuers would have complained about HOW the rescue was taking place.

—  I don’t like how loud the machinery is.

—  I don’t like how bright the lights are.

—  I’m not really gifted in “rescuing,” I’d rather just watch the rescue.

—  I’m looking for a rescue where my needs are met a little more than this one.  I mean, I’m all for rescuing people but what about those of us already rescued?

—  How come the head rescuer didn’t say “hi” to me?

—  Can you do this rescue at a different time?  You’re doing it on one of my ONLY days off and the football game is on.

—  At the last rescue I was at we didn’t do it this way.  I’m more of an “old school” rescuer.  This new technology isn’t really necessary is it?

—  We’ve never done a rescue this way before.

—  You’re using the wrong version of machinery for a rescue.

—  I think we should just wait up here for them to come to us.  I mean, we don’t really need to go DOWN THERE to get them do we?

—  What if we do ALL this work and NONE of them get rescued?

—  How do you know all 33 are REALLY rescued?

I’ll stop there.  That was fun!

In the rescue,