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Category: Leadership

My Son Forgot I Was The Boss

No, this is not a parenting blog.  The other day, my son actually forgot I was “the boss” to our staff at Element Church and it got me thinking about staff culture. This past Friday, our family was driving to Colorado Springs for a family day.  We were planning on…

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Leadership Lessons From Lady Gaga

Two Sundays ago the world watched in awe as the New England Patriots made the largest Super Bowl come back in history to defeat the Atlanta Falcons.  I’m actually still in shock over that comeback.  It was not only improbable, but seemed impossible.  All sorts of life and leadership lessons…

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Hey Pastor, Not Everyone Should Be Singing In Your Church!

“Wasn’t worship amazing?  It seemed like everyone’s hands were in the air and everyone was singing their guts out.”  I’ve said something like that about a worship service before, and if you’re a pastor, so have you.  Or you’ve said the opposite, “Man, hardly anyone was singing today.”  Or, “Hardly…

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