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Have I Become Apathetic With Jesus?

img_0810This past Sunday at Element Church we continued our Christmas sermon series called “My Advent.”  We’re talking about what Advent means for me (and you).  This last week I preached from Matthew 2:1-12 and asked the question, “What are the dangers of being close to Jesus?”

In this passage is the story of the wise men and their visit to Bethlehem to worship Jesus.  In the story, both the priests, teachers of religious law and King Herod heard about the Messiah coming to Bethlehem, but only the wise men went to worship Him.  Bethlehem was 6 miles away from Jerusalem.  Six miles!  Six miles separated the creator and Savior of the world from the very people who were waiting for His arrival.  So why didn’t they go?

We said this in the message:  Proximity to Jesus doesn’t always lead to passion for Jesus!  

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In this clip here I talk about how one of the dangers of being close to Jesus is becoming spiritually apathetic.  It’s easy to go from passion for Jesus to a place of apathy with Jesus.  I had some fun using a Virtual Reality Headset on stage to illustrate how easy it is to become apathetic.  You can watch full sermons HERE.