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Back To School Bash: Back Pack Bundles

Hey Element Church! The annual Back To School Bash is fast approaching us. Before you know it, August 18th will be here and we will once again be taking over Lyons Park, serving thousands of people in Laramie County with food, games and most importantly backpacks, supplies and shoes for the kids.

Our goal is to give away 2,000 backpacks to students in need. Each backpack will be filled with all the school supplies needed for their grade, along with a brand new pair of New Balance tennis shoes.

You are able to partner with us in this incredible event by purchasing a backpack bundle for $30. Each bundle comes complete with the brand new backpack, all the supplies and the pair of shoes for the child.  It is a minimal cost that makes a massive impact in people’s lives.

If you would like to partner with us to have a lasting impact on our community, you can go HERE to purchase as many bundles as you feel led. You can also stop by the Back To School Bash table at Element Church to purchase your bundles as well.

All of this is our part we play in the I Heart Wyoming Initiative.