God’s Presence Or The Next President

14720597_1266004083450788_6038712812823710777_nOn Sunday at Element Church we started a new series called “Decision 2016: Escaping the political paranoia”.  In this series we are talking about the “decisions” we need to make this election season.  Paranoia is in full effect.  Now, maybe more than ever, we are asking questions like, “What are we going to do if THEY are elected?  Who are you going to vote for?  Are you even going to vote?  Will the economy collapse, taxes skyrocket or will Christian freedom be infringed?”  The level of fear, uncertainty and worry over this election is at an all time high?  So how do we escape that political paranoia?

Thankfully, I believe the Bible tells us exactly what decision we should make this election.  God, through His Word, tells us how we can escape the paranoia.  To kick off the series we asked the question, “What changes need to be made in God’s house?”  We said, “A change won’t happen in the White House until there is a change in God’s House.”  I preached from Jeremiah 29:4-14.

In this clip I talk about the first change we need in God’s house.  We need a renewed passion for God’s presence.  When we wake up on Wednesday, November 9th, regardless of who won the election, our number one job is to seek the presence of God.  The presence of God, not the next president, is what will change our country around.  You can watch full sermons HERE.



Jeff Maness
I am a follower of Jesus first, husband to a beautiful wife, father to four amazing children, lead pastor of Element Church in Cheyenne, WY, and blogger of all things life.

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