My Declaration

My Declaration will be released on October 14th, 2018.

Today, our world is in desperate need of men!  Not men in quantity, but men in character.  “My Declaration” is written as a challenge for men to rise-up and live in that character through their God given purpose and potential in this life.  As King David said to Solomon, to “Take courage and be a man.”  When we do that, everyone around us benefits.  Something was started within us as men when we were born.  Something was placed in us by God Himself that lies dormant and ready to rise.  Through this book you will be challenged to rise-up with a bold faith and finish what was started in you by being aggressive at purity, taking responsibility, honoring God financially, leading courageously, and leaving a legacy.  Those things are already at the core of every man, we just need to rise-up and live them out as men.  This is My Declaration! It can be yours as well.