Because You’re Called:  Three words that will change your life

Everyone’s called to something, but not everyone’s called to the same thing. You…yes you, are uniquely designed by God to fulfill a God-sized purpose for God.  That’s a great thought isn’t it?  “God designed me for a purpose and placed a calling on my life!”  Just because you’re called though, doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy road.  The idea that a calling will make us more comfortable is both arrogant and American.  You are called, but what does that mean?  How do I know what I’m called to do?  What should I expect in a call?  Do I have what it takes to accomplish the call?  Those are all things addressed in this book.  From personal experience, to the stories of great Bible heroes like Gideon, Joshua, Joseph and Nehemiah, Jeff unpacks for you three words that will change your life…because you’re called.

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21: A 21-day journey for the new Believer

“A great start is important to so many things. A race. A job. A vacation. A kiss. Why? Because if you start well, there is a better chance you’ll end well.” That’s the desire behind 21. This book is intended to give new, or even long-time believers, a fresh start in their walk with Christ.

So often as Christians, we use a bunch of “churchy” words and terms trying to explain what it means to follow Jesus. What we don’t offer is something simple and practical that can get us started on our journey. This devotional is just that…a start!

Written as a 21-day devotional, this book takes you through the 21 chapters of John, applying simple and practical truth into your everyday life as you follow Jesus. Jeff answers questions like, “Where do I begin?”, “What happened when I put my faith in Jesus?”, “What do I do if I fall?”, and much more. When you’re done with this devotional, you’ll not only have a fresh start, you’ll be on your way to finishing well.

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