Who’s Your Daddy?

13876466_1209626215755242_2690251924916018268_nOn Sunday at Element Church we continued our sermon series called “Labels: Living in our true identity”.  We’re looking at four different labels found in 1 Peter 2:9-11.  This last week we talked about the fact that, as children of God, we are Royal Priests.  But what in the world does that mean, right?  I mean, we love the idea of all the benefits of being royalty, but the idea of priest can be a little scary or confusing.  So we said, “The label of priest is not a burden to achieve but a benefit to receive.

We asked the question, “What are the benefits of being a royal priest?” and preached from Romans 8:15-19.  In this clip here we talk about the incredible truth that as believers in Jesus we are adopted into God’s family and have instant access to God!  You can watch full sermons HERE.





Jeff Maness
I am a follower of Jesus first, husband to a beautiful wife, father to four amazing children, lead pastor of Element Church in Cheyenne, WY, and blogger of all things life.

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