Is Christ Set Apart In Your Heart?

12119953_1018439328207266_5599211496904567903_oOn Sunday here at Element Church we started a new sermon series on marriage and relationships called “Happily Never Happened!”  Regardless of what studies you look at, across the board it is shown that about 50% of all marriages, 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.  Even among marriages that stay together, many of them aren’t happy and they definitely aren’t healthy.  I believe God’s dream for our marriages is greater than 50%.  I believe that God’s dream for us is that we would experience happy, healthy, passionate, intimate, sexual, fulfilling, lifelong marriages that are parted by death and death alone!  (That’s where I wanna say “PREACH PRECHA!”)

In this sermon I preached from Philippians 2:3-11.  We said:  A happy & healthy marriage doesn’t start with who you love, it starts with Who you live for!

And Who you live for has nothing to do with the one you marry and everything to do with Jesus!  Jesus is the person we need to live for if we want to have a shot at a happy and healthy marriage.  Yes, you can have a happy marriage without Jesus, but just looking at the statistics, your odds are greatly diminished.

In this clip I talk about what it means to surrender to Christ by setting Him apart in our hearts as Lord!  You can watch full sermons HERE.





Jeff Maness
I am a follower of Jesus first, husband to a beautiful wife, father to four amazing children, lead pastor of Element Church in Cheyenne, WY, and blogger of all things life.

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